Transactional Insight Inspires Growth Strategy.

Transformational Insight Inspires Sustainable Growth Strategy.

Empowering Decisions With Transformational Insight.

Driven by Human-experience and Technology-enablement.

Harnessing Human Hindsight and Insight for Foresight.

Harnessing Technology for Predictive Analytics.

Future is Here.


We are a marketing insights consultancy providing end-to-end insights-based solutions to support market entry, sustainability and growth decisions of clients. Our growth solutions span across these 7 keys Business Practice Areas.


In this age of the internet boom, data acquisition has become so much faster with lesser effort. Organisations are now drowning in data abundance while struggling for wisdom and clear direction.

Compass Insights was founded with a single purpose by delivering transformational insight solution for organisations to conquer adversities and turn them into sustainable growth.

Declining life span of brands today require insights to play a role never seen before. We have surpassed the standard to deliver Transformational Insights.


We believe that every client deserves its own unique solutions in pursuit of market growth, where no two businesses face the exact same challenges.  One of the easiest ways to get ahead of the competition is through usage of insight for strategic decisions. We achieve this by transcending beyond data, information, knowledge and intelligence into the realm of strategic insight.  When combined with deep experience, the strategic insight becomes foresight.

Our bespoke approach adheres to international standards of insights-based consulting practice and supports market entry, sustenance and growth decisions.

“Growth brings complexity, but complexity kills growth”. We focus on Simplicity. We help clients break down complex issues using hybrid methodology combining power of human and technology to draw nothing less than insights for transformational ideas and strategy.

Our seamless “client-consultant” collaboration approach makes us stand out from the rest.