The Shopper Dynamics Evolved but some Fundamentals Did not Change

The hype of looking at shoppers insights rather than consumer insights was intensified during the 1990s.  With increasing brand choices and mushrooming number of hypermarkets, it did not come as a surprise that sales mattered more than mere consumer brand perception. It was the start of World of Shopper Marketing. Check this site

Marketers were rushing ahead to understand Shoppers’ Path To Purchase and the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) more than the Second Moment of Truth.Start of Y2K or new millennia, the search for shopper insights continued check out

Just within a decade into Y2K, shopper dynamics changed into World of Online Shopping or E-Commerce … thanks to Air Asia and Ringgit-supportive PayPal. Since E-Commerce websites need to be particularly secure, Fully-Verified came out with the innovative face recognition verification system, which enables people to shop online safely. Thereafter, Google came with need to understand Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).

Into the second decade, free mobile-enabled social media channels (such as whatsapp, telegram) and mega multi-brand shopper channels (such as Groupon, Zalora and Rakuten) are coming in big ways. IT giants and technology providers are screaming loud of Data Analytics. It’s Digital World coming on board, being accelerated by cost effective internet media and ever-advancing mobile technology.

Right now, the evolution in selling dynamics is simply overwhelming to Marketers. Plenty of knowledge being gathered about “What, Who, Where, When of shoppers” through sophisticated Analytics.

But do we know the “why”? A nice 2016 Online Shopping Insights available via this link

Can you see the Why or Inner Needs of Shoppers that never changed in past several decades till today, though the buying channels are more complex now? These hidden nuggets are crucial in longer term success in shopper marketing!

Article written by Datin Kalavalli Sethu on 27 July 2016 –  Source Linkedin